Sunday, 9 January 2011

2011 - My Year

This is going to be a very self-centred post so if that bothers you then click away now! 
2011 is going to be my year. I'm a bit worried about how excited I am for the year ahead, in case it doesn't all go as planned. There was a spanner in the works a couple of weeks ago but luckily it went away and I'm back on course again. Of course, 2011 will be a great year for both me and Gordon but I'm going to tell it from my point of view :)
Well, I finally feel properly settled down. I'm glad that me and Gordon managed to get on the property ladder, I had worried about it because of the recession and all that jazz but luckily we managed. I'm also grateful to have such a secure job, with all the redundancies going about I felt really sorry for a lot of people. I also like my job, which helps. I can't remember a time when I felt so happy with my life. I've usually always had some sort of crap going on, whether it's other people causing me shit or my own depression and anxiety. I still get down days but they have really decreased. I think it's partly due to this website which helped me immensely: the steps are so small and easy to do but they help so much. Anyone going through depression may want to have a look at it.
New York
For years I have wanted to see NYC. As I am sure many people know! I had thought about doing a year's internship there and even had the forms to fill in. But it meant leaving Gordon for a year. In the end I had to choose. I chose my relationship. Some people agreed that was the right thing to do, other people told me I was missing out on my dream. I made the right decision for me. I love Gordon to bits and looking forward to being married. And now I get my dream of seeing New York WITH him. To say I am excited is an understatement. I so can't wait! We are going to do a few touristy things like the Empire State Building and Central Park but other than that I think we will just explore and see what we find. We will also go to a metal club to see if they are any better than Studio 24 :-p
Bird of Prey 
This may not sound like a big thing to other people but it's a big thing for me. I have always wanted to do a bird of prey handling experience but it's usually quite expensive. Then through the website they had a 24 hour offer on. The experience was just £24 down from £50. It's at a place called Raptor World in Fife. I've never been there so really looking forward to it. Me and Gordon will drive up on the motorbike and make a day of it. He's doing the experience too. It's not something he's really into but he's going to give it a go. If he just wants to watch then he can but I think he will manage it. 
Spa Weekends
I can fully recommend the Norton House Hotel and Spa for weekends away, have a look here: Gordon and I like to go there now and again to have a relaxing chill out weekend. I think everyone needs to do this because it's so good for recharging the ol' batteries. We may have a spa weekend in the summer holidays.
Getting Married
I will probably give the wedding a post of its own sometime. But yeah, one of the biggest days of my life will be happening this year. I'm so looking forward to it. Not just the wedding though, actually being married too. The amount of negative things I hear about being married is crazy. Marriage is completely subjective. If you are marrying someone you love and are happy with then you are more likely to have a good marriage. I can't wait to marry Gordon. I love the thought of being his wife :) How soppy lol. 
Ahh the perfect end to a hopefully perfect year. Our honeymoon. Some folk go to quiet little islands like the Maldives. Not us... we are just big kids so Florida totally makes sense for us. I know people will wonder why we are going back to somewhere we have already been, why not try somewhere different? Basically because we know we will have a ball there. When we were there the last time it was fantastic. We want to have an unforgettable time on our honeymoon so thought we would go back for a guaranteed awesome time. 
How will  2012 ever compete! Well. We also have plans for 2012 but keeping them under our hats just now.

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