Tuesday, 4 January 2011

First Post

First Post - Be Gentle

I have decided to start keeping a blog. I remember doing this back in the day on Live Journal and having fun reading friends' blogs and commenting on them. I don't know if anyone will actually be interested in mine, I'm not that different from the rest of the population but I have my quirks. I will share this openly with everyone, why hide away? I do wonder if anyone will actually read this. I intend to put links up on Twitter and Facebook so people know when I put a new post up. 

Jumping on the Band Wagon

I am aware that some friends already do blogs and put links up whenever they put up a new post. I liked this idea and have therefore jumped on the wagon with everyone else. I tend to do this quite a lot in life. I should really go out and do things for myself, find new things, test them out, rather than just jumping on whenever anyone else does. Sometimes I may come across as a copycat (as people in high school/primary school would probably say) but basically instead of taking opinions from people I don't know, I take them from people I do know and trust. If someone recommends some make up for instance, I will probably go and get it because they have had a personal experience with it. If someone goes on a really good holiday somewhere and says it is amazing, I will probably look into it. I do my own thing too but I enjoy trusting my friends in what they do.

My Friends

I find my friends have exquisite taste. Some are into doing up their homes, some into make up and others into music and films. Or a combination of everything! I'm lucky to have friends with such great taste in things like this as it means I in turn follow suit and then end up discovering things for myself. Like when I saw some friends do the Love Film rental service, I tried this out and discovered so many interesting films and found out that I am into Art House films. Anything weird and arty and I love it. I have also discovered things on my own but it's nice to have a helping hand.

That's all Folks

That will do for now. Expect my blog to be a bit strange at times. I have weird ponderings. Or maybe they are completely normal? Who knows.

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